Periodontal Maintenance

Once your mouth is restored to health, it is important that you make a commitment to maintain your dental health. To achieve this, it is important that you return on a regular basis for a routine examination and hygiene care.

Your soft tissue management program is a non-surgical approach to control periodontal disease. There is NO CURE for this disease; it can only be managed or controlled.

The bacteria that causes periodontal disease re-establishes itself 12-weeks after treatment. A 12-week recare visit is critically timed to disrupt this bacteria in order to disable the destructive process at its critical stage. This stage is when the bacteria and toxins do the most damage to the gums and the ligaments that hold the teeth in the mouth.

For patients with adult periodontitis, supportive periodontal maintenance is not an option, but a requirement for success. Dr. Vetter and her hygienist will inform you of the re-care interval that best fits your needs.

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